Skookum bikes in the 2024 Emerald City Ride

On May 5th, members of our team got together to ride through the heart of Seattle in the 2024 Emerald City Ride.

With everything we do at Skookum, we try to embody the themes of community, safety, and accessibility. 

Community riding embodies the spirit of togetherness, adventure, and eco-consciousness. It's not just about pedaling from point A to point B; it's about forming connections, sharing experiences, and promoting a healthier lifestyle while reducing carbon footprints. 

Safety is key in any bike community. Riders prioritize proper gear, obey traffic laws, and practice mutual respect on the road. For this race, Seattle closed the West Seattle Bridge and parts of highway 99 to ensure safety for the riders. Group rides often involve designated leaders who ensure everyone stays together and follows safety protocols. Additionally, bike communities often advocate for infrastructure improvements and policies that make roads safer for cyclists.

Accessibility is what we believe the key aspect in a thriving bike community. By offering inclusive events, beginner-friendly routes, and resources for bike maintenance and education, these communities aim to break down barriers to entry and make cycling accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability, or background. 

Skookum is proud to have team members that embody these themes with their passion for riding. We will continue to be a part of ideas and missions that align with ours. 

Stay tuned for any riding related events we participate in the future! Happy riding!