Skookum provides comprehensive Logistics Support services to our customers within an environment of reliability and transparency. Our dedicated team supports our military and government customers across a broad spectrum of services.

Logistics Readiness

Our experienced team of professionals provides distinguished service to our customers, ensuring people and materials are where they need to be when they need to be there. Skookum delivers best-in-class logistics services including:

  • Provision of supplies and services
  • Maintenance and management of material and equipment
  • Logistical support planning and guidance
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Fleet Management

From passenger vehicles to combat vehicles, Skookum has a wide breadth of knowledge and skills to keep your fleet on the move. Skookum serves as a trusted partner, proficient in:

  • Maintenance of hundreds of varieties of tactical vehicles
  • Fuel point operation
  • Motor pool operation and support 
  • Meeting surge workforce demands
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Warehouse Management

Skookum manages multi-million dollar inventories and property books across the nation with over 99% reliability, creating unrivaled value to our customers. Skookum’s reputation for integrity and the ability to effectively manage warehousing and central issue facility operations is unparalleled.

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Dining Facilities

Skookum brings a robust experience base to our customer’s dining facilities, employing the highest degree of detail to our extremely thorough sanitizing and food safety protocols. Skookum utilizes a rigorous program assuring that all team members hold the necessary certifications and training in food preparation, sanitation, and janitorial requirements to guarantee quality and safe service.

Skookum is proud to have partnered with our Navy customer to win three prestigious Edward F. Ney Awards for Best Galley.

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Linen Services

Skookum provides linen services utilizing state-of-the-art processes and technology to ensure effective sanitization and optimal cleanliness for our customers. Skookum supports our customers’ supply chains by acting as a resource in the event of a linen disruption and extending our textile purchasing power to businesses. Our facility operates in alignment with environmental best practices.

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