Skookum provides installation wide facilities management services across Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Homeland Security departments with a plant replacement value in excess of 3 Billion dollars.  

Skookum performs facility management services in the following major functional areas: Buildings and Structures; Utility Systems; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems; Dining and Laundry Equipment; Grounds & Pavement Maintenance; and Call Center operations.  Skookum utilizes MAXIMO facility management software including technician hand-held technology.  Also, Skookum performs preventive maintenance services, and corrective maintenance repairs encompassing a variety of trades including locksmith, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, welding, HVAC mechanics, general maintenance and various laborers.

Public Works Services

 Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA
  • Base Operating Support Contract
  • Facility & Airfield Preventative Maintenance
  • Utilities Operation & Maintenance
  • Transportation Operation & Maintenance
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Pavement Clearance
  • Environmental Services
Fort Lee, VA, US Army
  • Facilities Maintenance for 583 buildings and 70 training facilities including material procurement service
  • 200 acres of Grounds Maintenance
  • General Facility Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, and Carpentry
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Barracks and Dining Facility Maintenance
  • Dining and Laundry Equipment Maintenance
National Institutes of Health, Poolesville, MD
  • Facilities Maintenance to support the 24/7/365 Animal Center; including material procurement service
  • Over 500 acres of Grounds Maintenance
  • General Facility Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, and Carpentry
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance
Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, VA
  • Facilities Maintenance (painting, locksmith, plumbing, carpenter)
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Janitorial
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • CMMS, Maximo Work Management System
 White Sands Missile Range, NM, US Army
  • General Facility Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, and Carpentry
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Barracks and Dining Facility Maintenance
  • Lightning Protection Certification
USCG Curtis Bay, MD, The YARD
  • General Facility Maintenance, Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding and Painting
  • Boiler Operations and Industrial Compressed Air Supply
  • HVAC Maintenance, HVAC Controls Systems, and Utilities
  • Grounds Maintenance and Snow Removal
Naval Surface Warfare Center, ID, US Navy
  • General Facility Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, and Carpentry
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Emergency Generator System Maintenance

Hospital Housekeeping

Skookum provides and manages the custodial and hospital housekeeping services for all of the Navy installations in the Puget Sound area. Skookum’s contract commenced in 2005, employing 28 professional hospital housekeepers, supervised by a certified Executive Housekeeper.

  • 330,000 sq. ft. full service medical facility complex, servicing over 17,000 active duty military members, their families, and retirees.
  • Trained to provide specialized cleaning services twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year for a full service Patient Care Hospital.
  • Extensive experience successfully passing the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) inspections.
  • Our housekeeping staff is fully integrated into the hospital medical staff and performs as a single team.

Skookum has received numerous written customer appreciation letters from patients, staff and visitors. Most recently, the hospital Commanding Officer publicly praised the efforts of Skookum’s staff in appreciation of our contribution to the appearance of the hospital.


Navy Region NW

Skookum is the Prime Contractor for all Custodial and Grounds Maintenance with the Navy Region NW. Within this contract we also provide a variety of facilities maintenance services.

  • 5,000,000 sq. ft. of Custodial Services
  • Fulfilling NAVSEA OP-5 Requirements
  • Servicing the Following Areas:
    • Highly Security Areas
    • Industrial
    • Administrative
    • Operational
    • Medical
    • Retail
    • Training
    • Ammunition Storage
 Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA
  • 2,800,000 sq. ft. of custodial services
  • 2 shifts with Sixty Eight Full Time Employees

Grounds Maintenance

Navy Region NW

Skookum is the Prime Contractor for Grounds Maintenance and Custodial Services with the Navy Region NW. Our customer wanted a program which is innovative, resourceful, and customer focused. Our Prime Contractor role includes management of 3 sub-contractors and encompasses over 30,000 acres, of which 1,500 are improved and prestige areas including; the wide spaces of Naval Air Facility Whidbey Island, the manicured and beautifully landscaped Naval Station Everett, the unique NAVSEA OP-5 requirements for grounds maintenance around Navy ammunition magazines, the industrial Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the security conscious ballistic missile submarine base at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor.

  • Navy Region NW, WA
  • Prime Contractor Grounds Maintenance
  • 30,000 acres of Grounds Maintenance
  • Fulfilling NAVSEA OP-5 Requirements
  • Ability to Service High Security Areas
Fort Lee, VA
  • 987 acres of recurring mowing
  • Services include grass mowing, trimming, edging, daily debris removal, Fall cleanup and high-leval enhancements at the 2-main gates and headquarters sites
Fort Riley, KS
  • 7,300 acres of annual grounds maintenance
  • Landscaping services include grass mowing, trimming, edging,daily debris removal, fall clean up, irrigation system management, pruning, fertilizer and pest control
  • Snow removal at child care centers

Sanitation Services

Skookum Sanitation provides portable chemical toilets and hand-washing units on a rental basis to industrial, commercial, military, government and residential customers. The equipment can be rented on a long or short time basis.

Skookum Sanitation currently serves the Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula areas and is under contract with Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Bremerton Naval Station, Bangor Naval Station, McChord Air Force Base and Yakima Training Center for the Military.

Sanitation is committed to being a quality-oriented, customer driven division of our company and our employees strive daily to meet the high standards set by Skookum. Our customers are always given quality service. We immediately respond to customer needs and feedback. The Sanitation division strongly believes in giving back to the community, and donates equipment, services and time to charity events such as the March of Dimes, Permission To Start Dreaming (PTSD), Special Olympics; Cancer Relay and various other worthy causes.

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Recycling Services

Skookum Recycling Services has contracted with Jefferson County Public Works Department since 1993 to maintain and operate the Jefferson County Recycle Center.

Jefferson County, WA

Skookum is responsible for the management and servicing of Public Recyclables collection box sites county wide.

The Jefferson Recycling Center accepts electronics for recycling; such as monitors, computer towers, televisions and laptop computers and recycles for no charge!  There is a $.35 per pound charge for all other devices such as mice, keyboards, printers, scanners and copiers.  This service is only available at the Jefferson County Recycle Center located at 301 County Landfill Road, Port Townsend.

In addition to the resource recovery plan, Skookum contracts with Jefferson County to provide a work-training program for the developmentally disabled division of adult residences at the recycling facility.

Recycle Center: 360-385-4980
Location and Hours:

The recycle center is located at 301 County Landfill Road, just outside of Port Townsend off of Jacob Miller Road. The facility is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 4:30 PM for all recycling. This site is closed on most public holidays.

The following items are accepted at the site to be recycled:
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed paper
  • Office Paper
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tinned Cans
  • Clear glass containers
  • Green and brown glass containers
  • Plastic PET #1 containers
  • Plastic HDPE #2 containers, all colors

In addition to our processing facility located off of Jacob Miller road we service several drop off sites located throughout Jefferson County that accept the above listed commodities as well. Those sites include the following:

  • Quilcene Solid Waste Drop Box Site: Mon, Wed, Fri 1pm-5pm / Sat 9am-5pm
  • Port Ludlow Village Center: 24/7
  • Port Hadlock 24 Elkins Road: 24/7
  • Brinnon Dosewallips State Park: Dawn to Dusk
  • Kala Point: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
  • Chimacum High School (no glass or nonfiber materials accepted at this location)
  • Chimacum Primary School (no glass accepted at this location)
  • Indian Island Naval base-Residents & Navy Personnel (no glass accepted at this location)
Recycling Collection Questions:
Skookum Recycle Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to diverting all possible recyclables from the Jefferson County waste stream in a clean and efficient manner. We will empower all our employees and provide an excellent vocational training center for the "at risk" people in our community.

We are dedicated to creating a "world class" service oriented recycle center that is responsive to our contractual obligations and to the recycle needs of the community.

We will maintain a work environment that is both flexible and stable.