Directorate of Logistics

Fort Meade, MD: Logistics Readiness Center

  • Movement planning, Arrival/Departure Control Group Conduct Fort Meade AACG/DACG operations License equipment operators
  •  Licensing mechanics, Operate driver testing/licensing center
  • Transportation Motor Pool – Operate Fort Meade TMP, Personnel & Cargo movement (Shipping & Receiving Point) – Operate freight shipments for Fort Meade
  • HAZMAT shipments – Operate freight shipments for Fort Meade Installation
  • Transportation Operations
  • Local Drayage Operations – Operate freight shipments
  • Supply Support Activity (SSA) Management – Complete DOL Supply Division
  • Central Travel Office
  • Supply Management Reviews
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Packing and Crating
  • Fuel Support (Operate the Post POL Point and provide emergency generator fuel)
  • Real Property Accountability

Fleet Management

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

  • Service and repairs tactical Army vehicles
  • Surge as required to support the war effort providing as many as 320 mechanics in 14 unit motor pools
  • Repaired over 180 different types of combat vehicles ranging from HMMWVs to bulldozers
  • Operated a Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program
  • Completed over 42,000 vehicle repairs since 2002
  • Managed Central Parts Facility – 2300 line items -$1.6M Inventory

Naval Research Laboratory, D.C.

  • Manages, services and repairs 320 vehicle fleet.
  • Fleet includes: sedans, light trucks, busses, and public works support equipment
  • Transportation operations involving material and personnel movement in support of Naval Research and Development throughout the DC metro area

Fort Riley, KS

  • Service and repairs over 1,200 GSA vehicles
  • Fleet includes sedans, light trucks, busses and Public Works Heavy Equipment
  • Coordinate purchasing of supply parts
  • Maintains bench stock of fast moving service items.
  • Provides Regional GSA Marshalling Service
  • Coordinates, receives and issues new vehicles
  • Inspects, repairs and turn in replaced vehicles

Camp Lejeune Motor Transport, NC

  • Movement of personnel and materials
  • Manage and dispatch “C” Pool Vehicles, consisting of approximately 160 vehicles including buses, sedans, pickups, trucks, and vans
  • Perform vehicles operator services
  • Train, test, and license operators for MHE, buses, and 4×4 vehicles
  • Maintain “C” Pool vehicles
  • Maintain non-tactical vehicles and MHE, consisting of approximately 480 vehicles and equipment including fire, security, sanitation, fuelers, trucks, trailers, and MHE
  • Provide recovery services
  • Provide roadside assistance

Fort Meade, MD: Directorate of Logistics (DOL)

  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance for Public Works (PW)
  • Maintains bench stock of fast moving service items

Department of Energy

  • Provides Fleet Management and operates a Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility
  • Provides all labor, supervision, tools, material, parts, equipment, transportation, licenses, permits, certifications, and management necessary to perform all scheduled and non-scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) and repair of assigned vehicles

Warehousing Management

JBLM Central Issue Facility

  • Manage $229M Inventory
  • Over 132,000 Transactions per year
  • 99.4% Inventory Reliability
  • 2 In-house Equipment Repair Personnel
  • Support over 37,000 customers

Fort Hood Central Issue Facility

  • Manage $385M Inventory
  • Over 190,000 Transactions per year
  • 99.9% Inventory Reliability

JBLE, VA Supply & Services

  • Central Issue Facility: Manages $35M in inventory and provides equipment repair services
  • Supply Support Activity: Manages $1.7M in inventory with a 99.9% inventory reliability
  • Installation Property Book: Manages $1.3M property book and 148 hand receipt holders.
  • Post Ceremonial Support, during FY 13 issued 70,174 flags
  • Fuel Support (Mobility & Heating Fuel): JP8, Diesel, Unleaded and Heating fuel

Food Services

  • Galley-attendant services to include table bussing, salad preparation, facility cleaning and kitchen detail.
  • Administrative services to include meal revenue collection, personnel scheduling, and internal inspections for quality control.
  • Ney Award Winner for Best Galley in the Navy:
    • 2014
    • 2018

Linen Services

  • Environmental best practices
  • Built with state of the art energy efficient processing equipment and boilers
  • HVAC Exchange System
  • Back-up generator ensures seamless operations
  • Eco and textile friendly fragrant free detergents
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Textile Purchasing Power
  • Serves as a resource in the event of a linen disruption providing a contingency plan

Providing exceptional services for:

  • Jefferson Health Care and Associated Clinics
  • Sirens Pub
  • Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar
  • Addie Mae’s Southern Kitchen
  • Naval Base Kitsap Bangor