Skookum is a leader in the logistics field.  Skookum provides outstanding logistics services to the Army, Navy, Department of Energy and GSA. Skookum's comprehensive Logistics Support Services include Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Transportation Services, Fuel Supply Management, Retail Supply and Services, Warehousing Management, Central Issue Facility Operations, Food Services, and Information Technology Support for Logistics Software systems.

Directorate of Logistics

Fort Meade, MD: Logistics Readiness Center

Skookum provides the following functions required for comprehensive Logistics Readiness Center Base Operations at Fort George G. Meade, MD: supplies and services provisioning, maintenance and management of material and equipment, movement of material and personnel, logistical support planning, and logistical readiness. The Logistics Readiness Center also provides logistics guidance to supported activities.

  • Movement planning, Arrival/Departure Control Group Conduct Fort Meade AACG/DACG operations
  • License equipment operators - Licensing mechanics, Operate driver testing/licensing center
  • Transportation Motor Pool - Operate Fort Meade TMP, Personnel & Cargo movement (Shipping & Receiving Point) - Operate freight shipments for Fort Meade
  • HAZMAT shipments - Operate freight shipments for Fort Meade Installation
  • Transportation Operations
  • Local Drayage Operations - Operate freight shipments
  • Supply Support Activity (SSA) Management - Complete DOL Supply Division
  • Central Travel Office
  • Supply Management Reviews
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Packing and Crating
  • Fuel Support (Operate the Post POL Point and provide emergency generator fuel)
  • Real Property Accountability


Fleet Management

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA
  • Service and repairs tactical Army vehicles
  • Surge as required to support the war effort providing as many as 320 mechanics in 14 unit motor pools
  • Repaired over 180 different types of combat vehicles ranging from HMMWVs to bulldozers
  • Operated a Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program
  • Completed over 42,000 vehicle repairs since 2002
  • Managed Central Parts Facility - 2300 line items -$1.6M Inventory
Naval Research Laboratory, D.C.
  • Manages, services and repairs 320 vehicle fleet.
  • Fleet includes: sedans, light trucks, busses, and public works support equipment
  • Transportation operations involving material and personnel movement in support of Naval Research and Development throughout the DC metro area
Fort Riley, KS
  • Service and repairs over 1,200 GSA vehicles
  • Fleet includes sedans, light trucks, busses and Public Works Heavy Equipment
  • Coordinate purchasing of supply parts
  • Maintains bench stock of fast moving service items.
  • Provides Regional GSA Marshalling Service
  • Coordinates, receives and issues new vehicles
  • Inspects, repairs and turn in replaced vehicles
Fort Meade, MD: Directorate of Logistics (DOL)
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance for Public Works (PW)
  • Maintains bench stock of fast moving service items
Department of Energy
  • Provides Fleet Management and operates a Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility
  • Provides all labor, supervision, tools, material, parts, equipment, transportation, licenses, permits, certifications, and management necessary to perform all scheduled and non-scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) and repair of assigned vehicles

Warehousing Management

Skookum provides phenomenal value to the Government on Joint Base Lewis-McChord Central Issue Facility (CIF), Fort Hood CIF, and Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) Supply & Services contracts.

JBLM Central Issue Facility
  • Manage $229M Inventory
  • Over 132,000 Transactions per year
  • 99.4% Inventory Reliability
  • 2 In-house Equipment Repair Personnel
  • Support over 37,000 customers
Fort Hood Central Issue Facility
  • Manage $385M Inventory
  • Over 190,000 Transactions per year
  • 99.9% Inventory Reliability
JBLE, VA Supply & Services
  • Central Issue Facility: Manages $35M in inventory and provides equipment repair services
  • Supply Support Activity: Manages $1.7M in inventory with a 99.9% inventory reliability
  • Installation Property Book: Manages $1.3M property book and 148 hand receipt holders.
  • Post Ceremonial Support, during FY 13 issued 70,174 flags
  • Fuel Support (Mobility & Heating Fuel): JP8, Diesel, Unleaded and Heating fuel

Food Services

In August of 2006, Skookum successfully expanded core competencies into the food services industry. Skookum was awarded a Galley Attendant contract at Naval Base Kitsap (NBK), and has since expanded operations to three locations including a new full time facility at NBK.

The ability to exceed customer expectations led to contractual growth in operation from a two month contract to a multi-year FFP contract award.

  • Galley-attendant services to include table bussing, salad preparation, facility cleaning and kitchen detail.
  • Administrative services to include meal revenue collection, personnel scheduling, and internal inspections for quality control.
Ney Award Trophy Stays at the Skookum operated Trident Inn Galley

Out of all the Navy Galley's around the world, the Ney Trophy for the best galley in the Navy has been awarded to the Trident Inn Galley two years in a row.   The Ney Trophy for 2014 resides at the Trident Inn at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor proving this Galley is indeed the very best in the world. It is almost unheard of to be awarded this honor twice in a row, thus proving that the Skookum Team at Naval Base Kitsap is top notch, outstanding, second to none...oh let's just say it right out "They ROCK"!!!!!!

Bravo Zulu to Skookum's most excellent Galley Team! Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. This isn't just the unofficial motto of the Post Office, The Skookum Food Service Attendants practice this level of excellence seven days a week, 365 days a year. Well before the sun rises each day, Skookum's Food experts are preparing desserts, prepping vegetables, cleaning and preparing the serving lines and ensuring what is now officially recognized as the Best Galley in the Navy, is ready to provide the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel a hearty and healthy meal.

Linen Services

Environmental best practices are an integral part of our linen services, reducing our energy usage allows us to deliver numerous cost saving and quality improvement benefits to clients.

  • Built with state of the art energy efficient processing equipment and boilers
  • HVAC Exchange System
  • Back-up generator ensures seamless operations
  • Eco and textile friendly fragrant free detergents
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Textile Purchasing Power
  • Serves as a resource in the event of a linen disruption providing a contingency plan
Providing exceptional services for:
  • Jefferson Health Care and Associated Clinics
  • Sirens Pub
  • Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar
  • Addie Mae's Southern Kitchen
  • Naval Base Kitsap Bangor