Skookum Wins 2023 Uptime Award for Best Digitalization for Reliability and Asset Management

Skookum has won the 2023 Uptime Award for Best Digitalization for Reliability and Asset Management (RAM). The award was presented December 5th at the International Maintenance Conference sponsored by ReliabilityWeb. Over the past 10-years, we have been on an exciting journey, with clients and business partners, to build highly tailored, scalable, digitalized infrastructure and facility management programs. Currently we operate such programs at sites across the United States, supporting over $20B in asset and plant value. The foundation of Skookum’s facility management practice is digital mobility that drives entirely paperless workflows this solution regularly delivers a 20% efficiency gain for field technicians and back-office teams – resulting in improved maintenance quality and cost savings for clients.

“I contacted government points of contact to confirm [Skookum’s] performance. My contacts raved about Skookum. Comments included, ‘They have moved maintenance management from a reactive mode to a proactive mode through utilizing technology, and management of processes’.” – Roger Westermeyer, Air Force Installation Contract Center (AFICC) from the June 2023 edition of NCMA’s Contract Management Magazine.

Throughout the years, the Department of Defense (DoD) has steadfastly pursued the enhancement of its installation management programs, aspiring to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of its organizational landscape. At the heart of this endeavor, Skookum has presented a definitive solution to address these challenges. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of expanding our presence within this domain and contributing valuable insights to meet the needs of our esteemed DoD and federal government partners.